February 05, 2020 | From Industrial Laser Solutions:

Market focused Innovations of Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers

Ultrashort pulse laser-based micromachining, once an academic curiosity in the hands of few research labs, has become a proliferous industrial segment over the last 20 years. The once precipitous hesitation of industry to adopt ultrafast lasers into daily routines has waned as more and more end users realize the positive impacts of this material processing method. This is especially true as components become smaller, and assume added physical, electrical, chemical, biological and optical functionality to meet requirements in medical, consumer electronics, industrial instrumentation and automotive markets.  Ultrashort pulse micromachining will gain even more widespread implementation as 5G enables an IoT world that requires microscopic IoT gadgets whose design trends demand niche-integrated, multifunctional solutions in the shape of different sensors that include connectivity. Additionally, innovation in automation capability will offer streamlined, lower-cost micromachining workstations that can enhance operational workflow and thereby optimize end user speed to market considerations.

Link to the article: Innovation for Expanding Requirements of Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers